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Eugène Buland 1852-1927

Eugène Buland 1852-1927

Reference : A1328-0028
Price : 25 000 €

Eugène BULAND 1852-1927 "Young girl with poppy" oil on canvas signed and dated 1903 lower right, waxed oak frame, remains of expo label HC (frame dim: 105x156cm) Son of an engraver, Eugène Buland between at École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the studio of Alexandre Cabanel. It begins with symbolist paintings depicting ancient scenes, then quickly turns to the representation of scenes from everyday life. Joining the movement of naturalist painters. He won the second Grand Prix of Rome in 1878 and 1879. His participation in the Salon was rewarded several times: after an honorable mention at the Salon of 1879, he received a third medal in 1884, then a second medal in 1887. He is honored a silver medal at the 1889 World's Fair. Finally, he was decorated with the Legion of Honor in 1894. Eugène Buland benefited from public commissions for major institutions, such as the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris and various provincial museums. He painted several panels of the Science Fair at the City Hall of Paris and decorates the ceiling of the town hall of Château-Thierry. The musée des beaux-arts in Carcassonne, which preserves his work Mariage innocent, devoted a retrospective from October 19, 2007 to January 19, 2008 and published for this occasion a catalog.

Dimensions :
Width : 28 inch, Height : 47 inch, height frame : 61 inch, Largeur cadre : 41 inch
Eugène Buland 1852-1927