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Olivier d'Ythurbide & Associé
Marché Serpette Stand 25, Allée 6
110 Rue des Rosiers 93400 ST OUEN
Telephone  : 01 40 12 82 91
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Olivier d’Ythurbide, after having spent ten years from 1981 to 1991 at « La Salle de Vente Saint-Honoré » in Faubourg Saint-Honoré street in PARIS, where he learnt his job, being in touch with professionals and experts, he became the director of the saleroom and in charge of the publication of “La Gazette Saint-Honoré”. In the beginning of 1992 he settled at the SERPETTE market then made Benoît Fauquenot a partner in 1995 to acquire in the beginning of 1996 the stand 25,6 allée du marché Serpette, the biggest boutique that they will restore to create the current sales space where they welcome you.

In the beginning of 2008 they became joint managers of the firm “Olivier d’Ythurbide and partner”, with new visual and logo, so new international website !

Our mission :

Recreate with furniture, objects and paintings chosen carefully during our “bargain” tours, a interior of property from the 18th to the beginning of the 19th centuries from the floor up to the ceiling.

These objects mainly come from private individuals ! We travel for any estimation or inventories and make bid offers for the merchandise we are interested in.

Our customers :

Our customers are international, private individuals, collectors, entertainment people, great designers or antique dealer colleagues of France or the whole world.