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Screen in lacquer Coromandel XVIII

Screen in lacquer Coromandel XVIII

Reference : A0903-0410

Screen 8 leaves Coromandel lacquered, double-sided decor of palace scenes animated characters, birds and plants, eighteenth time reinforced and framed early twentieth
The paintings in the screen depict scenes that took place on the occasion of a birthday party of Kwotse-Yn =, born under the Thang dynasty he was civil and military governor of the north when he was ordered to pacify the Tartar and Burma, a mission he carries out in a masterly way. So Emperor Thang Uyen Trong appointed him Grand Chancellor of the Empire with unlimited power, he held the fate of all military and civilian mandarins in his hands, he was subsequently elevated to the title of Prince of Fan-Yang.
This prince reigned for 20 years, his prestige was such that the most perfect tranquility never ceased to reign both inside and outside, no Chinese mandarin, of all time, has occupied a function so high, he is the only one who has enjoyed at the same time the five following goods: wealth, honor, happiness, longevity and posterity.
Our screen consists of 8 tables, in the lower part and from right to left:
1) The entrance to the Prince's Palace
2) the prince in palanquin back from the banquet offered by the emperor in his honor "fame goes up to heaven like the sun"
3 and 4) Prince's courtroom
5 and 6) Mandarins wish longevity to the prince with singing and dancing singers and men presenting gifts to the Prince
7 and 8) the prince's family in joy
This description was made in Saigon on May 14, 1927

Dimensions :
Width : 3 inch, Height : 113 inch
Screen in lacquer Coromandel XVIII